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Introduction of  Engineering thermodynamics Book
Engineering Thermodynamics PK Nag Pdf Engineering Thermodynamics ( English ) Fifth Edition ( Paperback )Engineering Thermodynamics pk nag Pdf fifth edition a complete book is for engineering students . The book consists of property tables , graphs , multiple choice questions and solved many problems for students. In addition , there are several chapters that help in making a clear understanding of thermodynamics , heat and combustion engines . This book is essential mechanical engineering students .

Engineering Thermodynamics PK Nag  is widely accepted by the student community for its comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the subject. Lucidly presented, the book is enriched with several pedagogical features. The approval of the book is such that it is reviewed from time to time to suit the interests of students and incorporating latest research results and models of university exam. The book follows a holistic approach so that engineering students, faculties of education, GATE aspirants, and those preparing for competitive exams can benefit from the book.

Thermodynamics Engineering is characterized by an exhaustive study of thermodynamic topics such as applications, central electrical engineering, refrigeration and automotive IC systems. The book includes separate chapters highlighting the various thermodynamic concepts such as temperature and gas laws, work and heat transfer, entropy, energy and reversibility, and properties of gas mixtures. Detailed accounts on cooling, steam power, and gas power cycles, thermodynamic equilibrium and stability, compressors and reactive systems are also included in the book.

To help candidates prepare for various competitive examinations, the Appendix section is characterized by the relevant information corresponding to the latest trends of thermodynamics. In order to facilitate easy understanding of the topic, the energy chapter has been completely rewritten for this edition.

Published by Tata McGraw Hill Education in 2013, the fifth edition of Engineering Thermodynamics is available in paperback.

Main characteristics of Engineering thermodynamics pk nag
The book is characterized by a number of worked examples of numerical problems that are specific to each chapter.
A summary of each chapter that includes the essential points to remember formulas and laws is helpful for students.
In addition to the worked examples, review questions and problems are also provided to test the understanding of the subject.
Several multiple-choice question GATE documents compiled last year is another feature of the book.

Chapters Cover in Engineering thermodynamics by Pk Nag Book
1. Introduction
2. Temperature
3. Work and Heat Transfer
4. First Law of Thermodynamics
5. First Law Applied to Flow Processes
6. Second Law of Thermodynamics
7. Entropy
8. Energy
9. Properties of Pure Substances
10. Properties of Gases and Gas Mixtures
11. Thermodynamic Relations, Equilibrium and Stability
12. Vapour Power Cycles
13. Gas Power Cycles
14. Refrigeration Cycles
15. Psychrometrics
16. Reactive Systems
17. Compressible Fluid Flow
18. Gas Compressors
Appendix A Property Tables
Appendix B Property Charts
Appendix C Multiple Choice Questions
Appendix D Miscellaneous Solved Problems

About author P. K. Nag
P. K Nag is an Indian author. He has authored books like Heat and Mass Transfer 3rd Edition, Power Plant Engineering 3ed. 3rd Edition and BASIC AND APPLIED THERMODYNAMICS 2ED 2nd Edition.


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