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Julius Caesar William Shakespeare : The year is 44 BC Julius Caesar is at the height of his powers, astride " the narrow world " as " a colossus " . A conspiracy is formed by a group of Roman senators who realize that for the republic to be saved , Caesar must be killed. But the senators have different reasons: some are spurred by jealousy of the greatness of Caesar and others, for their patriotism and love for Rome. Unwittingly , during one of the bloodiest civil wars in history and the eventual collapse of the great Roman republic they stood . 

Julius Caesar 
The great and mighty Julius Caesar is about to fall, and who else but the Bard of Avon can capture the events of the last days? This is one of the most powerful and eloquent works of Shakespeare.

Summary of Julius Caesar
Oh! How powerful do not fall. Julius Caesar's life is a story of drama and tension like no other, and Shakespeare is a timeless rendition of his last days. When Marcus Brutus swayed by the Senate connivance of Rome, led by the lies of Caius Cassius, he agreed to betray his close friend, Julius Caesar to his cause. Caesar ignored the words of a soothsayer who tells him about his destination, and then is killed by Brutus and the Senate. This game is meant for its timeless diction, dialogue has entered the mainstream of popular culture and has influenced many movies, novels and comic books.

About William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright and writer. Best remembered for his plays, it is called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".

Shakespeare's works have been adapted in several films, and was enacted in theaters across the world until today, centuries after his death. His works came into the spotlight in the nineteenth century and was idolized by the Romantics. A prolific writer and poet, is also known for his poems, especially the Sonnets.

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Julius Caesar William Shakespeare

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Summary of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar shakespeare  

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