Heat and Mass Transfer by RK Rajput Pdf Free Download

heat and mass transfer by rk rajput pdf

Heat and Mass Transfer by RK Rajput Pdf 

A Textbook heat and mass transfer by rk rajput pdf for the students preparing for B.E., B.Tech., B.Sc. Engg., AMIE, UPSC (Engg. Services) and GATE Examination. \ Heat And Mass Transfer (Paperback)
summary of Heat and mass transfer 
Heat and Mass Transfer of Units (SI) a textbook useful and comprehensive is the author of India, RK Rajput, ideal for students preparing for the Bachelor of Engineering, AMIE, and GATE exams.

The book begins with a chapter on the basics of heat and mass transfer, including topics such as thermodynamics, the heat transfer modes and their importance. Thereafter, he was segregated into five parts, namely, heat transfer by conduction, radiation heat transfer, convective heat transfer, mass transfer and objective type of questions and answers. Topics such as heat conduction through the plane and composite walls, and laminar flow over a flat plate is spoken in the book. And other issues such as radiation exchange between surfaces and Turbulent Flow Tube have also been discussed in detail.

This new edition of heat and mass transfer (SI units) was published by S Chand Publishing in 2008, and is available in paperback.

Table of Contents of Heat and Mass Transfer by rk Rajput Pdf
Basic Concepts
PART-I: Heat Transfer by Conduction
  • Conduction - Steady - State One Dimension
  • General Heat Conduction Equation in Spherical Coordinates
  • Heat Conduction Through Plane and Composite Walls
  • Heat Conduction Through Hollow and Composite Cylinders
  • Heat Conduction Through Hollow and Composite Spheres
  • Critical Thickness of Insulation
  • Conduction - Steady-state Two Dimensions And Three Dimensions
PART-II: Heat Transfer By Convection
  • Introduction To Hydrodynamics
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Characteristic Length or Equivalent Diameter
  • Forced Convection A. Laminar Flow
  • Laminar Flow over a Flat Plate
  • Laminar Tube Flow
  • Introduction
  • Turbulent Tube Flow 
  • Empirical Correlations
  • Free Convection
  • Simplified Free Convection Relations for Air
  • Combined Free and Forced Convection
  • Boiling and Condensation
PART-III: Heat Transfer By Radiation
  • Thermal Radiation - Basic Relations
  • Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces
PART-IV: Mass Transfer
Mass Transfer
PART-V: Objective Type Question Bank


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