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word power made easy by norman lewis pdf

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis Pdf 

About book of Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis Pdf Always use the right words ? Can you Pronounce it- it- and Spell correctly? Do you know how to avoid expressions Illiterate ? Do you speak grammatically , without embarrassing mistakes ? If the answer to any of these questions is NO, you need Word power made easy. Now thoroughly revised to remove obsolete references and reflect current idioms, it remains the best and fastest way to improve English vocabulary chapter ends language.Each review . Each section ends with a check progress. Numerous tests will help increase and retain the knowledge acquired . Word power made easy is adding words to your vocabulary . Ideas and teaches a method of increasing knowledge as an integral part of the process of building vocabulary.

Summary of Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis 
This book, Word power made easy, uses real-life situations to demonstrate the power of words. The book begins by showing the reader how to assess your current vocabulary and how to start building skills for. It is divided into three main sections.

Word Power Made Easy starts showing how to start building skills words, and then explains how to acquire better skills and learn words quickly at a faster pace. Next, the book shows how you can become proficient in building vocabulary and how to keep learning new words and ways to use them.

This book uses interesting to show how to use words effectively issues. It contains chapters as enemies and friends insulting or flattering, talk about different professions successfully in discussions about science and scientists, who describe the actions effectively and so on. Power Word Made Easy has a root word-based vocabulary approach. Trace is discussing the etymology of words. Once the origin of the word is explained, a large number of similar words that share the same origin are introduced. This technique is useful to remember a lot of words as they are related by a common source which serves as a mnemonic.

The book also contains an interesting section on esoteric phobias. It contains pronunciation keys, a test of knowledge of grammar, and a section discussing how grammar changed over the years. It provides advice on the proper use, how to adapt to changes of use, and shows how to acquire the ability of natural speech without any affectations. It contains a list of some words that have recently been added to the language and shows how to build proper spelling skills.

Power Word Made Easy is an easy practical guide to building a good vocabulary, learning about the proper use, pronunciation and spelling. The book was first published in 1949.

User Review of Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis pdf
1] No words required to justify the awesomeness of this book. Best option available in the market. Trusted by millions.. Go for it without 2nd thoughts.

2] If you want to learn English then this book is not for you , Go for English grammar book like J.C Nesfield . But if you are better in English then this book is for you , it's an ultimate choice to learn more words and increase one's vocabulary. It is very much helpful if you preparing for exams like C.A.T , M.A.T , X.A.T , G.A.T.E , etc For C.A.T you should have vocabulary of 5000 words if u want to crack it , seriously 686 pages is enough . For G.A.T.E - generally we get 15 marks out of 100 in aptitude and English section and this year 2012 General cut-off was 21 marks . So if you score 15 and at least 30 marks in technical section then you are eligible for IIT or any PSU organisation First chapter of the book will let u know about extend of knowledge you have in English language , unfortunately it very difficult for a guy like me to score 40 out of 60 which is depressing but hope it will rectified in future Don't keep this book in your bookshelf , READ IT SOLVE IT REVISE IT ATLEAST 1 CHAPTER per day

About Norman Lewis
Norman Lewis was a grammarian and writer American. Some other books are Lewis Reading faster and better, speak better, write better, Instant Power Word, Dictionary correct spelling, pronunciation and dictionary. All his books were in building language skills. Norman Lewis was born in New York in 1912. Orphaned at an early age, he lived with the family of his sister. He earned his master's degree from Columbia and taught the English language and grammar.

He has taught at various institutions including the University of New York, Rio Hondo College, and communications department of the institution headed for over ten years. His first book was 30 days to a more powerful vocabulary. Following the success of that book, Lewis began to write a lot of books on grammar and vocabulary, which were very popular and many have seen several reprints. Your pocket book New Roget Thesaurus Dictionary Form sold more than 5 million books. He died in 2006 at the age of 93.


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